How Kamban FAS transform your manufacturing into smart manufacturing?

How Kamban FAS transform your manufacturing into smart manufacturing?

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Paperless using eLogs

Many Workers at manufacturing plants and assembly line record data and logs on paper to pass on info to next operator or manager.

With Kamban FAS operators can store data and information in video and photo format and can share with the next operator through our web based program.


Operators to Smart Operators

In Manufacturing Plants big challenge for project managers is to assign tasks and track performance of workers, but with too much complex process and documentation it becomes unmanageable.

With KAMBAN FAS through electronic web based task assignment and safety instructions to workers makes your work process smarter and simpler.

Smart Plugin for existing ERP

KAMBAN FAS makes your existing ERP more smarter with effective system Integration and data mapping.

Smart Data Tracking leads to Profitability

Track Downtime/Productions/Wastages/Labor Hours/Energy/Emissions automatically and manually to measure performance of machines and workers to save on losses and improve on profitability

KAMBAN FAS is smart buddy for your organization to save on losses and risks and improve on profitability

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