Kamban FAS

Key Features

  • Configurable Web based solution 
  • Extendable localization
  • Automatic & Manual data acquisition 
  • ERP Integration 
  • Effective task & process management

WHat is Kamban FAS 

Kamban FAS (Factory Automatic Scribe) is a proprietary Manufacturing Execution System software product which is built on cutting edge technologies for Consumer Packaged Goods – CPG, Assembly Lines and Automobile industry verticals. With the extensive capabilities of Process Order Management, Downtime tracking, Labor tracking, Energy tracking, Electronic Operator Shift Log Book, Workflow & Task Management, the software enables the user to:

  •   Let the operators to give away their paper based shift logs, and they can leverage electronic log with images and videos to delegate their operational issues to the next shift operator effectively, which increases efficiency, productivity and safety.
  •  Make all operators of the company as the best operators by the help of tool centric process such as Electronic Work Instructions, People & Equipment safety during Equipment failure maintenance process.
  • Make an effective integration to ERP systems which leads to collaborate effectively inside the organization.
  • Capture Machines Downtime/Productions/Wastages/Labor Hours/Energy/Emissions automatically and manually leads to calculate the product cost and that leads to the profitability.